Business and Career growth lessons to learn from "Jonah and the Fish"

By Johnspeak Uwangue (Motivational Speaker, Talent Consultant, Manager and coach)

When you read the biblical story of Jonah and the fish what do you see? Do you just read one of those biblical stories? Or do you read a story that has life secrets imbedded in it? As for me, whenever I read a book or story or listen to one of those tales by moonlight, I try as much as possible to dig out some life secrets in them. My mind has been built to look out for secrets that can change my present level and also the lives of those around me. What about you?
Life is made up of mysteries. The creation of man and the entire earth and the other planets is a mystery itself.

These growth secrets will wow some of you, inspire some people, educate some people and look like poo to some. But no matter the category you fall in, you are welcome.
Today, I want to share with you just six business and career growth secrets that I learned from observing the story of Jonah and the fish

- Always be ready to throw away excess baggage
While studying the story, I discovered that sometimes we must make hard decisions of throwing away excess baggages. While the heavy storm hit the ship that Jonah was in, the mariners were faced with a very hard decision of throwing Jonah inside the water. They had tried to stay afloat by throwing away the baggages into the water, but that wasn't enough to calm the storm. For any business or career to experience exponential growth, some people, or habits or routine must be thrown into the water. You mustn't be scared to Sack some staffs or walk away from some relationships in order to grow.

- Seek for your Nineveh 
The hardest growth strategy is trying to force your product or brand or profession on people who don't need it at the moment. Jonah would have struggled to sell his message to the people of Tarshish but he didn't need to beg the people of Nineveh to accept his message because they knew they needed him at that moment. If your product or brand or talent is not been accepted in your state why not relocate to another state? If your country doesn't accept what you have to offer, wisdom demands you take your talents or products to another country that are in need of what you have to offer at that moment. When you find your Nineveh, you will flourish without stress.

- Don't always do what you like
I know you have been told before now to always do what you like doing but the truth is most times, our success lies in where we don't like to go and in things we don't want to do. Have you noticed that children always cry when they are told to go to school? Jonah wanted to go to Tarshish. That was where his eyes were but that wasn't where his success was. If you want to experience exponential growth, do what you don't want or like to do.

 - Every wrong move will cost you something. 
In preparing to grow, every business and career person must understand that there is always a price to pay for mistakes. Every wrong move will always cost you something either time, money, ideas, resources, relationship, trust, or even innocent lives. Jonah made a wrong move at the early stage of his preaching career and he paid for it.

- You don't have to fight it
A friend once noticed that most of his clients in his Consulting business were foreigners despite spending a lot of money to promote his career here in Nigeria. It got to a point that he had no other choice than to relocate to Canada because that was where his success is. You don't have to fight with nature. If you intend to sell your products or brand to the youths and your products is being accepted by kids you don't have to fight it other than to move with nature. Jonah wanted Tarshish by all means but every of his plans and effort always led him to Nineveh. That was nature in play. You may have your choice but don't fight if your growth is coming from a direction you don't want. You don't have to fight it because you can't fight it.

Succeed you must!!! 

©Johnspeak Uwangue
Motivational Speaker, Talent Consultant, Manager and Coach