I and my girlfriend had a hitup conversation this afternoon that we even quarrel after then.

This is the issue, she read medlab in school and she is planning to go for her internship by Gods grace soon.

 I told her that after our wedding I will be giving her five million to setup a LAB and after 8 months she can start contribute for the upkeep of the family and when we start having kids.

My Dear brethren in Christ, do you know her reply? She said NO, she can only provide when the husband exhaust his money on the family.

I then asked her whats the point opening a bizness if you cant make a joint contribution with your husband at the end of the month for the upkeep of the family.

She said said her work is a HELPER she can only help her husband when the husbands own finishes. My Dear I was shock.

She Even said I will be giving her money for her hair, cloth e.t.cs, when the bizness is still functioning fine.

 My reply was that what then will you be using your money to do? She said I don't have business with her money, I should face my responsibilities as the man, she can only assist me when I don't Av cash.. I told her is better you even be a house wife than acting in such manner.

Her Female friend was siding her oo. .
What's you take on this.