New Facts You Should Know About Relationships

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Today, I would talk about some of the most recent findings and discoveries about sex that I have made over the weeks. Enjoy them and revert back to me with questions, feedback and reaction. Have a wonderful time of reading.

 Many of my readers, both male and female, have been asking over and over again if they should employ the assistance of alcohol for good sexual performance.

Most of them argue that they really perform better with the assistance of liquor especially men who have issues with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. The relationship between alcohol and sex is a tricky one.

Although it can help couples open up to healthy sexual activities, as you can imagine, it can also lead them into dangerous situations as well. So, how does alcohol affect our sex lives exactly?

Alcohol lowers couples’ inhibitions, though it doesn’t actually increase libido. It can ease the couples’ anxiety and help them move past the issues that have kept them from being extremely sexually active or hyper-active.

Some couples say with alcohol, erotic talk seems easier. This is for many husbands whose primary aim of sex is about performance.

This most times suffocates a man’s instinct to initiate good sexual activities, especially when he has over the years battled anxiety of performance.

 A small amount of alcohol can reduce such fear of a poor outcome and increase his sexual courage.

For many couples who are daily under the pressure of stress, intake of heart friendly alcohol can help them focus on the present. Stress is one of the most common reasons for lower sexual frequency.

Alcohol’s depressant properties in most heart-friendly wine slow down the neurons in the brain temporarily, lowering pressure and tension from worries.

 And optimal sex requires couples to focus on the sensations in the body; letting go of their stressors and endless to-do lists. But however, moderate and less frequent intake of such liquor is recommended.

A wife recently told me that the only reason she takes alcohol and makes her husband do same briefly before sex is that it gives her this increased feeling of being attracted to her husband, after having to go through normal virginal deliveries of twins back to back which have taken a negative toll on her body shape.

 This has helped her a lot and revived the sexual intimacy between her and her husband. Actually, studies have shown that people rate others as more attractive after drinking than when judging the same people without consuming alcohol.

Attraction is actually a variable quantity that is influenced by how we are getting along, our feelings of connection, our own state of mind as well as what our spouse looks like. But like I said, this may only work temporarily.

Another husband told me that he takes alcohol before having sex with his wife to help his sense of judgment.

He said it makes him not to get bored with his wife during sex because his wife only prefers the same way of love-making after many years of marriage, which is so boring and uninteresting to him.

 So, in order not to get pissed off, or stop having sex with her, he against his will takes alcohol.

Alcohol carries inherent risks as a substance. For many couples, the risk of alcoholism is very real and any drink might cause them to fall back into an addiction.

 Certain health conditions and medications have a contraindication for alcohol. And some research has suggested a possible link between regular alcohol consumption with cancer and other diseases.

 Too much alcohol for too long often causes poor erectile dysfunction. For wives, it can dehydrate their vagina, making penetration to be uncomfortable, even painful. And for many husbands, it can invariably increase premature rate and lead to erectile dysfunction.

It has been discovered that erectile dysfunction  challenges are the most major risks for heart diseases in men.

Men whose impotence is vascular-related, not emotional, are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke or sudden cardiac death.

This was true even without other heart risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or a history of smoking. The link between impotence and heart disease appears to be a two-way street case.

Husbands who have had a heart attack appear to face a higher risk for ED. Experts have long observed that impotence is associated with poor cardiovascular health, but it was thought that obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes were some of the reasons.

This study found that impotence on its own is a significant risk factor. Therefore, whenever you have difficulties with sex, go and check out on your heart, it may be an early sign to look after your heart.

 Husbands should be aware that men usually hit their sexual peak at 18. This is true and a fact, at least regarding a man’s level of testosterone, which peaks at 18. However, peak hormone levels don’t equate to peak sexual performance.

Men and women think differently before and after sex, most especially after sex. I can recollect that many spouses, intending couples and even young adults have asked these questions over and again.

 ‘I don’t even know what he thinks of me after sex, do you think she thinks I am good sexually? The thoughts of men and women after sex are so important to their spouse.

A spouse wants to know what is in the mind of their partner and the knowledge of this goes a long way framing their overall concept of sex, marriage relationship and attitude towards their life partners and life in general.

Women are always conscious of what the husband they have just made love with is thinking. If you are also dying to know what your man probably thinks after making love to you, you have come to the right place.

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