Nigeria might be at the brink of another civil war

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo says the killings recorded around the country need to be addressed carefully to avoid another civil war.

Speaking at Greater Nigeria Pastors’ Conference in Osun on Friday, Osinbajo said Nigerians should stop reading religious and ethnic meanings to the killings.

He explained that those killing innocent citizens were not discriminatory in their approach rather they carry out an inhuman act to the generality of the masses. 

“We must not allow the narratives being said about it (killings) to survive. We have to handle it carefully, we may put the country in a civil war if care is not taken,” the vice-president said.

He said there is a need to address the killings with a broader approach.

“I agree fully as far as security issues go that we should have a broader approach. There is no reason why there should not be a review. The president had said he would address it,” he said.

“Deeper Life Bible Church was attacked in the North in 2014 and 17 people were killed. Whatever is happening, we must take a broader look at it. As pastors, when mosques are attacked, we must also speak up. It is good that we also speak up against this as well.

“Our country can only be governed by the wisdom of God. We must deal with all issues with great care. In River Benue, virtually all the cattle want to go in there for water. In Taraba, the killer herdsmen and farmers they attacked are Muslims. It is not entirely fair to say that they are targeting Christians but the majority of the attacks has been on worshippers in the church like the killing of two (2) catholic priest and also killing about 14 church members that attended their funeral. 

   Prof. Osinbajo however concluded that

“Any herder found with weapon must be arrested. In the last few months, we have sent special forces to Benue and Taraba. There is great determination to end the killings and hold accountable anybody arrested.”