These signs shows she's a lesbian

Lesbian is used to describe an homosexual woman that is,  a woman who is attracted to other women. This idea of intimacy is frowned at in some parts of the world while it is popularly accepted in some parts. Although lesbianism had not been given the total freedom which it craves because it if presumed to be against the normal rule of coexistence which is a man and a woman however people caught in such act of lesbianism have been dealt with as their male counterparts who practice gayism . Without much digression,  here are some of the signs and character that lesbians exhibit in their day to day life 

1. She admires only ladies on social media and you would occasionally see some comments from her on social media telling another girl "I love you" even when the girl is just an acquaintance who is not close to her.

2. She wears an anklet on THE RIGHT LEG or a colourful ring on their RIGHT FOREFINGER. I had to make the right leg emboldened because this is their insignia. I've seen about ten lesbian ladies wearing this and even spoke to one who also affirmed it.

3. If she is the butch lesbian(the male partner) she will most likely have a short hair, wear very light make up most times or even no make up and have short fingers(Because they use their fingers to pleasure their femme counterpart). Some of the butch ones also look like tomboys

4. Whenever she is intimate with her guy, they enjoy cunnilingus and fingering far more than penetration as this is the only way she can achieve orgasm most times.

5. On special occasions like her birthday or her boyfriend's birthday, she will indulge him with wild sexual orgies like anal sex or party (with the involvement of their other lesbian partner). Some of them even prefer anal to vaginal penetration.

6. You will always find lesbian porn on her phone or cached webpage history.

7. If she's the butch lesbian, she will dislike things like cooking, going to the market and laundry.

8. She's always an advocate of female rights and will pick a quarrel with you whenever you antagonize a female.

9. She prefers evening hang outs with a large company of girlfriend more than she enjoys it with you as her boyfriend.

10. She starts denying you sex immediately after marriage. This usually starts subtly and unnoticed until your sex life with your wife eventually becomes once in a month.

11. She has a vibrator and she doesn't orgasm from sex with you until she uses the vibrator. I agree some women are like this but if after a long time, you can't make your girlfriend orgasm except with the aid of a vibrator(or through cunnilingus or fingering) please suspect her.

12. If she is the femme, she has a very close friend she stays with or hangs around with/cannot do without and who has the characteristics listed in Number 3 above.