3 Qualities That Make You A Good Leader

How to Act Like a Leader

Leadership is a subject that many people have complicated with their long definitions and big-word expressions. 

However leadership really boils down to 4 words “People see, people do.” This is important because for you to act like a leader you must know what leadership is in simple terms.

 The definition of leadership given above implies that your actions are more important than anything else in leadership. Now let’s get down to actions and Characters that depict leadership in you.

1. Audacious: 

This implies taking a risk. If you’re going to be a leader then you have to be courageous. And to be courageous you have to take risk.

Things like these prove you to be a true leader especially if the risk you’re taking is for a just cause.

The danger of comfort is that it stops you from moving forward in life. Audacity and courage is very important in leadership.

2. Contagious: 

Once you’re now at home with audacity, you should now try to be contagious. This involves having a spirit of magnetism.

 This isn’t generally easy because it requires two important factors: confidence and competence. John Maxwell says, “If ‘you’re a leader and you’re looking for something that’ll attract people to you, confidence is one of those things that really attracts people.” 

Even better, when you’re confident and competent, you’d be a very contagious leader.

3. Tenacious: 

This implies that you are hardworking. You see, once you’re audacious and contagious, what’s going to keep you going and make you stand out above your peer is tenacity.  Consistency and commitment are qualities a right leader must possess.

As rightly said by someone, "if you want to please everyone, then you can't be a leader"

Here, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to be the best at what you do.
Finally, you must have observed that these 3 keys lead to one another, that is, from ‘audacity’ to ‘contagious’, to ‘tenacious.’

When you follow these 3 keys, remember that you’re not a phony but an original. Hence, learn to act like the person you want to be.