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3 Reasons School Isn't A Determinant Of Success In Life

Is School A Determinant For Success In Life?

Does our school performance determine our life performance? 

Is success or failure dependent on whether or not we succeed first at school? 

We all want to succeed in school because we’re often told it’s the primary route to success in life is success in school. But the history pages have shown that this isn’t true.

Reasons Why School Doesn’t Determine Success in Life:

1. School doesn’t give us opportunity for creativity: 

One of the many bad habits that school can inculcate is that all the important information are already known. They don't encourage originality.

 They teach us to deliver on, rather than change expectations. They teach us to redeploy ideas, rather than originate them. The system is extremely strict and standardized.

 School doesn’t respect the fact that we’re all unique and different. And if we’re to follow our passion, we could tap the inestimable depth of our potentials and that’s where creativity is birthed.

2. School doesn’t train us to lead, but to be led:

 A man who mastered the art of pleasing his tutors at school has to now continue the same trend by trying to please his boss at work.

All day long students are controlled by the tintinnabulation of bells. All day long, they’re told to follow instructions. They’re rewarded for doing exactly what they’re told to do.

 But in today’s world, you have to go beyond following the already laid down rules; you have to be innovative and creative to really stand out; you must be able to think outside the box.

The school system is sending a dangerous message to students: “You’re not in charge of the outcome of your life. You have to follow the already laid down rules”

3. School doesn’t teach us the path to fulfillment in life: 

School teaches us everything but the path to fulfillment in life. If anything, they prepare us to live an unfulfilled life.

 Training someone in a field he’s not passionate or interested in is akin to being trained to live an unfulfilled life.

 Being fulfilled in life is directly dependent on knowing how to choose the right kind of work for yourself, and how to form satisfactory relationships.

Doing the work you love and having relationship with people that you cherish are foundational to fulfillment in life.

Research says that 85% of man’s happiness comes from the fulfillment he gets from his relationship with people. And man derives satisfaction from work—the work he loves. School has no interest in teaching these.

Notwithstanding the failure of the educational institutions To ensure that success is bestowed on it's subjects,  schooling is however still necessary.


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