5 Secrets To Boost Your Confidence

5 Secrets to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence isn’t something you have, it’s something you create. Tony Robbins said confidence isn’t an emotional experience but a physiological experience. 

There are things you can do that’ll radically increase your confidence. Here are 5 secrets to boost your confidence.

1. Eliminate negative people from your life:

 These negative people are also known as energy vampires. They come around and your joy, positive energy and everything that makes you lively is taken away like water siphoned out of its container. Don’t stay around them. And if they’re your friends, slowly cut off such friendship.

2. Compliment others:

 Complimenting others makes them happy, as well as you. They feel good, and you also feel good for making them feel good. It gladdens your heart and relaxes your nerves.

3. Do something good for your body everyday: 

As I stated earlier, confidence isn’t an emotional experience but a physiological experience. That implies that there are way you position your body, in terms of your comportment and deportment that makes you feel confident in a flash. In essence, if you carry yourself confidently, you’ll feel confident, and consequently act confident. Strike a powerful pose, and feel powerful and confident.

4. Develop your brain:

 Absorbs a lot of information. Think and exercise your brain. You’ll feel confident and talk confident when called upon to speak on some of your area of interest. When you develop your brain,  you're then in a better position to do things more accurately and faster.

5. Believe in your ability to improve:

 Have a growth mindset. Face challenges; fail. Improve. Try again next time with a mentality that you can always do better. Don’t let failure determine how you see yourself. Let failure make you better equipped to deal with setbacks and challenges.