6 Signs Your Lover Shows If They Want To Marry You

6 Signs He or She Wants To Marry You 

If a guy or a lady really has intentions to marry you, there are signs that you could use to know for yourself so you wouldn’t be in the dark about your marital future. Hence, here are 6 sign that’ll make you know a man or a woman really wants to marry you.

1. They include you in their future plans:

 If your partner got plans for the future, you can be sure that you’ll find your place in their plans. They are going to fix you right into their future plans, ambitions and aspirations.

It makes it even more vivid for you when he tells you right to your face the future plans he’s got for both of you.

2. He or she enjoys staying in with you:

 If someone doesn’t enjoy staying with you, then he’s certainly not going to enjoy marrying you.

Marriage is like incarcerating two people alone in a cell for life. Make sure you choose someone that enjoy being around you, and that will always want to be around you.

3. He or she wants to know your family:

 It’s not possible for someone to marry you without, in the process, getting to know one or two members of your family. Except you’ve got no family.

 If he shows a desire to know more and more of your family members, he’s doing so because he knows that getting your marriage approval will hinge greatly on the approval of your family members, hence he’ll make effort to know them.

4. He or she supports you when the going gets tough: 

Come to think of you, does he still love you when you get sick? Does he still love you when you lose your job? Does he still you when you land yourself in troubles? Does he stand by you in such tough moments? If you answered yes to those questions, then, you’ve got a husband material waiting for you.

5. He or she looks at you with adoration and admiration: 

You know how you look at a cute little, baby with adoration and admiration. If he looks at you that way, then it shows he really admires you in such a way that he’d want you to be his wife.

6. He or she never compares you to his ex-girlfriend: 

If he’s got a girlfriend before, he doesn’t try to make you feel his ex was better than you in one way or the other.

Whether physically, sexually, mentally or emotionally, he adores you the way you are, and he thinks you’re the best thing that ever happened to him. That’s what a man does when he wants to marry you.