9 Ways To Improve mprove Your Personality

9 Ways to Improve Your Personality

Personality is defined as somebody's set of characteristics; the totality of somebody's attitude, interest, behavioral pattern, emotional response, social roles, and other individual traits that endure over long periods of time. 

It can also be defined as the characteristics of making somebody appealing: the distinctive or very noticeable characteristics that make somebody socially appealing.

Personality vary among individuals, while some people are appealing,  some people are not.

So do you want to improve your personality? Do you want to be socially appealing? Here are ways to go about it:

1. Be a better listener: 

Listening is a skill. It makes others feel good. Listening to people makes them feel they are valuable to you. And it makes you socially acceptable.

2. Be interesting: 

Absorb new information. It makes you interesting to talk to,  bringing up topics for discussion when you're with people makes you appear sociable and acceptable.

3. Be positive and optimistic:

 Don’t be a negative. Be positive person, adopt an optimistic perspective of live, learn to say good things about people by giving compliments and appreciating them. with this, you'll develop a better relationship.

4. Be encouraging: 

When you lift people up, you feel the positive energy from encouraging other people. Never look down on anybody. Sometimes, words of encouragement is what people need to get out of an emotional distress.

5. Have integrity and people respect: 

One of the main things people will admire you for is your ability to both maintain integrity and also respect them. When you’re able to do so, people will equally respect you. Integrity is something you'll work for, you don't earn it in a day.

6. Don’t talk bad or gossip

You don’t portray a good picture of yourself socially when you gossip. Bad talks and Gossip diminish your reputation and personality.

7. Don’t be afraid of being yourself:

 Be confident with who you are. Be yourself. And do that unapologetically. Being oneself is the greatest feat one can achieve, loving yourself and equally doing what is right portrays you well to others.

8. Have the ability to laugh at yourself: 

Don’t be mad at folks who’re laughing at you; instead laugh with them. When people make fun of you, you should possess the ability to control your emotions and rather than showing you anger, show your strength and laugh back.

9. Do things you need to do every day to develop your confidence: 

Everyday, you should work on improving your confidence in front of people. This will make you a person that’ll be highly respected.