Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Breaking News: Violence On OAU Campus As Law & English Students Battle For Supremacy

Violence erupted on OAU Campus this evening as students of the faculty of Law and students of the department of English engage in a physical  battle for supremacy .

At about 4:07pm on Tuesday evening, at the Biological sciences lecture theatre popularly known as BOOB on OAU campus , shortly after the part 3 law students ended their lecture in the said venue.

violence broke out as some students of English department allegedly molested a student of the faculty of law (name withheld) for stopping them from accessing the venue for their lectures.

The fight which broke out among the two parties has escalated from an individual fight to a group fight as students were seen fighting themselves in numbers.

According to an eye witness , "the students of the faculty of law just finished their lecture at the venue while the English students were to have their lecture at the venue too"

Eye witness further stated that the violence started when the students of English were trying to enter the lecture theatre through the only entrance which the law students were supposed to use as their exit from the venue.

Reports futher stated that a student belonging to English department allegedly pulled a law student , carried him and threw him on the floor.  This action however triggered the aggression of the other students of the faculty of Law to engage the other party in a bid to support and defend one of their own.

The issue which was however taken to the school security unit has the CSO moderating on the issue currently At the Senate building as the victims and other affected parties are been investigated.

Below are some of the photos and videos of students gathered at the front of the Senate building  during the violence :


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