"Buhari Has Powers To Crush What is Coming To Crush The Nation" - OAIC

The Organisation of African Instituted Churches (OAIC) has expressed concern over what it described as unprecedented killings in the country, saying that the level of sophistication involved in the killings is alarming.

 The International President, OAIC, His Grace, Most Rev Danial Okoh, stated this at the Regional Assembly of the OAIC, held in Abuja.

 He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to do something urgent, saying “being the commander in chief of the Armed Forces, the president has the power to crush the ugly situation that is overwhelming the country. 

“Now, in Nigeria, the level of killing at this period is something that has never been heard of in our history and it is quite disturbing.

 When you see the level of sophistication that is involved, you will know that the solution should not just come from simple individual effort. 

“The president of this country should do something urgent because it is in his powers and by law, he is covered. 

He is the commander in chief

 “If it demands that the security apparatus must be shaken, then it must be done for us to achieve the desired result. 

What happens in administration is that if somebody is not competent enough to handle a situation, then the person should be eased out and a competent person will come and handle it because lives are at stake and the future of this country is at stake.”

 Prelate of the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim, His Most Eminence, Elder David Bob Manuel, urged Christians not to forget the doctrine of Christianity, which is forgiveness.

He said, “the situation is sad but as Christians, we must not forget our Christian doctrine, which is forgiveness. 

“Every lover of this country must learn to pray for the county. We are in a very precarious situation. However, like the scripture says; there is time for everything and to everything, there is a season. ”

The clergy also said that, “if it is possible, I want the president to review the security structure as it is now, to bring peace about in the country.”

The Regional President, OAIC, Elder Napo Emuchay, said even though, in the period of their leadership, they grappled with the issue of uniting the various members of the organisation, he is glad that today, the organisation has become a very strong block in the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Christian community at large.