How To Find Your Purpose In Life

How to Know Your Purpose in Life.

There's no fulfilment in life when purpose is not known. Without a known purpose, there's no life goal or life pursuit.

Knowing your purpose in life is sacrosanct and necessary to fulfilling your destiny because your purpose is your destiny.

Tony Robbins says,

 "The ultimate pain is a life without meaning." 

No one can live a life that's fulfilled without a sense of meaning.

Hence, there are some questions you could ask yourself that'll help you know what your purpose in life is.

5 Question to Help You Discover Your Purpose in Life:

1. Who are you? That means your name.

2. What do you do? That means what do you love to do so much that you think you're qualified to teach it.

3. Whom do you do it for? For the sick (doctor), broke (financial adviser), hungry (cook),  sad (comedian), etc.

4. What do they want or need?
That means what you're gifted to give or help them with.

5. How do they change as a result of what they received from you? That means how are they better off now. How have their lived changed?

The most successful people in any field focus most on people served, and how they're served. Remember this, fulfilment comes from service.

In addition to this, there are 5 pointers to help you discover your purpose in life:

1. Passion that won't go away.

2. Your desires that won't quit.

3. Your re-occuring dreams.

4. The ideas that won't subside.

5. The things that makes you sad. E.g., if you're unhappy when people are sick, you must be a doctor. If you're sad when people have mental problem, you must be a psychiatrist.

The earlier you know exactly what you want in life, the faster you get there. Everything around you might change, but your purpose doesn't. Go ahead and discover your purpose.