3 Ways To Have A Good Conversation With Another Person

  3 Ways to Be a Great Conversationalist

Being a great conversationalist isn’t something that is far-fetched. It’s not that just a couple of people are born with it and others can’t access it; no, It’s something that can be learned. 

In fact, if everyone learns it, then everyone can be a great conversationalist. Since that never going to happen, you can be distinct from others by learning these 3 keys:

1. Pause before replying.

Some people think they must always be quick to reply whatever has been said to them.

This is quite bad because it doesn’t make them listen to whatever the person is saying and they even run the risk of interrupting the person because they might just be trying to catch their breath.

 However, when you pause for about 3-5 seconds before talking back it shows you’re giving careful consideration to their words. It also helps you to hear them better.

2. Question for clarification.

Don’t assume you know what they are saying when you don’t really do. Learn to say, “How do you mean?” or “what do you mean exactly?”. Asking that tells them you’re really listening and that makes them happy.

 Also, when you ask that, it’ll be almost impossible for them to quit explaining themselves further, and that makes the conversation more interesting.

3. Paraphrase the speaker’s words in your own words: 

Doing this makes the other person know you’re listening to them intently. When you do such people will feel relaxed and happy in your presence.

Finally, listening builds self-esteem in the listener. By learning to listen well you develop your character and personality because listening requires a bit of discipline even as it also improves your personality.

Hence, make the art of listening a priority in your conversation with people.