Tips On How To Stay Focused Away From Distractions

How to Stay Focused

Staying focused is very important in the equation of success. If you’re going to live a purposeful life, then you have to be focused on purpose. 

There some proven steps to stay focused. Here are 20 proven techniques to stay focused and avoid distractions.

1. Clear all unnecessary distractions like TV, games, poor relationships, unhealthy food and other people drama.

2. Don’t set too many big goals. Visualize your goals.

3. Make a list and go through it methodically.

4. Break down each of your major goals in smaller goals.

5. Have an accountability partner.

6.  Turn on some classical music.

7. Set a deadline and do not break it.

8. Give yourself some daily time alone and think.

9. Multi-tasking is good but do it less.

10. The biggest impediment to productivity is unrealistic expectations.

11. Reward yourself at some level of achievements.

12. Know when you’re not productive.

13. Forget about the past.

14. Set breaks for yourself.

15. Keep your desk clean. Tidy and remove anything that might distract you.

16. Check e-mail no more than 3 times a day.

17. Create your own quitting time.

18. Get plenty of exercise to maximize your mental performance.

19. Start meditation to stay focused.

20. Write down nagging thoughts.