Five (5)Reasons You Should Not keep Long Nails

Long nails are often perceived as classy, trendy and stylish. However, long nails have their bad side that may not be worth the looks.

Long nails harbour dirt and give a bad impression if not properly taken care of.

Below are Five reasons to go short on your nails

1. No restriction

Short nails give you the liberty to do all that you love without restrictions- you can easily do your laundry, cook, clean, pull your zipper, buckle those shoes and wear your contact lens yourself.

2. Hygienic

Being healthy is a big deal. Longs nails are good breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections. Eating with long nails can lead to food poisoning thus putting you in harm’s way.

3.No worries

The last thing you need on your worry list is the possibility of breaking your nails. Long nails are fragile and when they break, it could be very painful.

Keeping long nails also pose a health hazard to you and the people around you as the tendency to injure yourself is high.

4. Purse friendly

People spend a lot of money to get their nails groomed, decorated, and coated. Just imagine all the money you can save on manicure and nail polish if you keep your nails short.

4. Saves time

Short nails are easier to maintain and save you a lot of time. Clip, clip, and you are done.

5. Fit for all

You can never go wrong with short nails no matter the occasion, be it parties, work or a meeting.