#AnticipateHAAIFE #AfricabyAfricans Slavery in Diaspora- The Joseph Adeosun


The Future is Africa , they knew this;
Even before us, the owners of the dream;
So they sent our fathers to their farms while they slept;
Being compelled to work, we left them to dream our dreams.

One bold step of a king, several followed in hope;
Hope for that day, to see their children live freely;
Seeing this, they knew they had to invest;
Invest in the future we seek.

So,  they gave us lands of freedom, with no seeds;
They made good investment virtually on everything we now know;
From language to religion to education to politics to name it...

Like a child they gave us something to play with till they yield greatly on their investment (and we have yielded much more than they even could have imagined).

The 'free' black man has refused to tell his story;
Of course that would engage his mind;
Telling his story would point out his error;
It would mean he has to place himself as the subject and the object;
Telling his story would mean he has to embrace the burden of freedom.

O black o black; timid wasn't what you were free to become;
Tell your story, liberate your mind;
Be in charge, a force to reckon with;
Think for yourself, don't be the last person to discover the beauty in freedom;
Hide not under the shadows of security and survival.

These are the Words of The Anomaly
Africa by Africans and not slavery in diaspora

The Joseph Adeosun
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