"Politicians With Military Background Should Not Govern Nigerian"

The Archbishop of Anglican Church, Enugu Ecclesiastical, Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma said that only politicians without military background can give Nigerians good governance.

President Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku
Chukwuma made this known to  newsmen during his visit to the agency in Enugu on Monday.

He said that politicians had failed to see governance as a service to the people but means of acquiring wealth adding that they had made people to see politics as a dirty game.

`Politics is not dirty, it is those that are playing the game that are dirty because of the way they perceive and play it.

This time around, we are looking forward to have a credible, honest and God fearing man and those who can improve the condition of this country.

“We need a civilian politician who can stop the killings and who will not be discriminatory and not a military politician.

He urged the electorate to vote according to individual’s merit and not on party basis noting that politics should not be of party but individual who had the experience of leadership and of good background.

Nigerian must be careful to vote effective, honest and well moral individual who can give the people good governance.

“Though, the present government has dealt with corruption in embezzlement but there are corruption going on in other areas,’’ the cleric said.

Chukwuma said that of all the presidential candidates, Atiku Abubakar stood a better chance as Nigeria needed experienced leader like the former Vice President.

“Atiku has learnt his lessons through his past experience as the vice president, a person who is humble and generous so I think he may be the messiah.

“Being a bloody politician, he can make it,’’.

The archbishop also condemned some clergy who failed to play their part when things go wrong in the country.

“You are not a prayer contractor, speak out all the time and stop seeing unnecessary visions,’’ he said.

He urged the clergies to always speak the truth to leaders and stop making the church a caricature.