Suspected Ritualist Caught Inside OAU Female Hall Of Residence

Desperation and quest for wealth at all means has been taken to another dimension in Nigeria as people now go the extra  Mile to get whatever they want by whatever means .

In the late hours of Thursday, 29th of November 2018 at about 9pm, a suspected ritualist was caught while trying to escape from a female hall of residence in the renowned OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, ILE-IFE.

The suspect who was caught at the security check while trying to leave the hall of residence had completed his mission in the the hostel but found it difficult to leave as he was caught will female under
wears (panties).

The suspect who happens to be a man was dressed and disguised as a lady but on sight, the security men in charge tried to clarify his identity and then, it was discovered that he was a man.

In An interview conducted by newsthrill media, it was further revealed that the reasons for having the underwears in his possession isnt know yet but the under wears might have been stolen in order to be sold at exorbitant prices which might then be used for ritual purposes.

The identity of the man still remains unknown as Investigations are currently still on going by the school security team who whisked him away to their office for further interrogation.