_Dunnex writes... ✍_

If the university administration knew that affected classes of the  faculties of law, Arts and others (especially SER), would hold after the completion of semester examinations- at a time the session has officially ended, why didn't they concede to the demand of students for addition of lecture weeks before examination?
Or, what is even the point of the Vice-chancellor who boasted yestetday during a meeting with law students that he would have ordered the detention and  transfer of protesting students to Osogbo criminal investigation department?

Or, isn't it rational enough to have added some weeks of lecture to ensure a uniform running of the calendar before exams were conducted? Not to even make mention of several examinations that were conducted without fulfilling academic ethics (adequate lecture hours and attendance).

At least it would have saved a lot of students some resources and the stress and dangers of travelling back to Ife after the initial trip to their respective destinations upon the completion of their examinations- without expectation of a last-minute arrangement for classes after examination.

Apparently, the continuation of lectures, tests, and exams after the semester has officially ended betrays the logic of stable academic calendar being touted by some sections of the university. Or,  what is stable in continuation of lecture hours and regular academic activities, at a period recognised in the calendar as the sessional break?

Knowledge of the Truth and it's reverse is a function of time and events. At least, with recent events, it can be boldly said that the truthful intents of students who advocated for addition of few weeks before the commencement of examinations is justified.

However, what cannot be boldly said Is why the university authority was hell-bent on conducting the examimations despite all limiting factors that were evident enough.

*In fact, to the extent of militarising the length and breadth of campus with local police men, DSS officers, paramilitary operatives and others- all with a sole assignment to intimidate the movement, and employing violent force when neccesary like they've always done.*

Also considering the emergency stop and search process that was conducted at the campus gates, one would have thought that the measures were prompted by a security information of a terrorist attack on campus. Alas!  It wasn't. It was only a ploy to hinder students from rendering their grievances.

Worthy of mention is also the fact that the Area Commander of Moore police Station was present on campus on the said day where he issued a threat note to protesting students.

One should begin to ask that if all these energies were put into improving the deteriorating security situation of the university and it's environs, wouldn't have the security of students' lives and properties improved?

But rather sadly, the rate of crime and robbery attacks on innocent students who stay in town have doubly increased. It is not out of place to also mention that the university, itself, which used to be regarded as a safe haven is fast becoming encroached with men of the underworld, especially those with expertise in car-snatching.

About two cars have been snatched and driven off-campus successfully this semester, while one of the cars was retrieved by the personal effort of a friend to the car owner, the other was kidnapped in his own car- and driven outside campus.

*If nothing, the above analysis says a lot about the regard which the university have for the security of students' lives and properties, also,  the regard they have for the quality of education provided, and furthermore,  the illusion of stable academic calendar.*

Albeit, it is pertinent to recognise that there is nothing wrong with ensuring a stable academic calendar, as it should be the pride of any university to be timely with it's calendar as much as it is the joy of students to graduate as at when due. But,  there is something fundamentally wrong with not addressing the issues leading to academic instability, as it bears more harm than good.

Of a fact, the most fundamental issue that determines the running of a school is proper funding. However,  it is no longer news that the federal government of Nigeria has neglected it's responsibility on proper funding of education sector which is the root cause of the instability.

As the situation demands, it is expected of affected unions to call the government to order on it's gross irresponsibilities which ASUU is currently doing with the struggle for revitalisation of public education. *Likewise, the students' populace should also be actively involved in the struggle through local students' unions , as it poses a huge benefit for both students and the university administration in the course of achieving a stable academic.*

*But,  it is sad and ironic that we have a king that can do no wrong and doesn't consider the opinions of over 35,000 students deserving to be heard. Most likely, he considers his thought superior to that of the students and that is why we now have 3rd term incorporated into 2nd semester Or extra time of second half- as we have in the footballing world.*

Right now,  one can only be hopeful that we do not record another brutal experience of the security crisis in town, as witnessed in the case of Biodun during the previous year, at a time when students should be resting at home.

Of all, only one thing has proven to be consistently correct, that is the consistent organization of students to shape the manners of policies of the university. Students must therefore continue to organize, as it is the only way to protect and save ourselves from all imposed anomalies.

Dunnex Samuel.