President Buhari Begs Nigerians - "You Will Not Regret It If You Vote Me Again"

President Muhammadu  Buhari on Wednesday promised  that   he would not disappoint Nigerians if he won   Saturday’s presidential poll.

He promised to consolidate  his first term achievements by tackling  poverty, ensuring food security and providing key infrastructure.

Buhari spoke  at the APC’s presidential campaign rally in Abuja.

He promised to sustain and increase the fight against insurgency, poverty and corruption.

According to him, the  PDP  administration spent $16bn on power without providing regular power supply  in the country.

He said, “When we came in, the price of crude from over $100, went down to $37 and $38,  and then the militants were unleashed on this administration but we have all now overcome those difficulties.”

The President explained that   his  government had  fulfilled the campaign promises it made in 2015.

“Everybody knows where the country was before we came in May 2015 and  where we are now and what we have been able to do with the resources available to us.”